S.A.L.S (Salford Alliance of Learning Schools)S.A.L.S (Salford Alliance of Learning Schools)

School to School Support

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We offer extensive School to School Support in the following areas:-

  • Peer review
  • Governance review
  • Pupil Premium support and development
  • Subject specific reviews
  • SEN provision and support
  • Safeguarding reviews and support
  • SBM Support
  • Teaching and Learning reviews
  • Promoting teams to achieve aims

A teaching school is a good/outstanding school that has a strong track record of collaborative working and has been designated by the National College to play a key role in the leadership of a teaching school alliance.

An alliance is a group of schools and other partners that commit to working collaboratively supported by one or more teaching schools. It includes all those schools that benefit from the alliance by receiving support, as well as teaching schools and strategic partners that offer support. Alliances may be cross phase and cross sector, work across local authorities and may include different types of organisations. As Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) can come from any school, we anticipate that, over time, most schools will be receiving from and offering support to the alliance in one form or another.

Strategic partners are schools, universities and others (that could include the academy chains, private sector, diocese or local authorities) that deliver particular aspects of the alliance’s activity such as initial teacher training (ITT), continuing professional development (CPD), leadership development or school-to school support.

Teaching school networks are formed when a teaching school alliance decides to work collaboratively with one or more other alliance to allow for a more flexible approach to meeting the needs of a much larger community of schools.